Game Achievements has been created in order to provide gamers with a more centralised achievement hunting solution.

Don’t get us wrong, there are many great achievement tracking sites out there already, but we just feel that something is always missing.

That is why Game Achievements was born, so we can create a site that meets all of our needs and those of the community.
It is an ongoing process with features regularly being added and changed (see Roadmap below), but eventually we want to bring the premium achievement tracking and hunting features all in one place… here.

Created by gamers for gamers, an overused term but true. Think of something that should be different or added?

Let us know and we will see how it would fit into the GameAchievement community.


One thing that we want to make clear, nothing is ever perfect and because of this we have a roadmap in place to allow us to always be improving.

Below we have detailed some of the upcoming features that are either being worked on or planned for.


Illustration of Game Achievement Points
The community makes a website and so we want to give something back. We are creating a point and achievement system for activities that you do on the site. This can include writing guides, posting in the forums, voting and more. 

Once you gain some points we want a way for you to spend them and so a rewards shop is on the way. Spend your earned reward points on things like game cards and more.


A conversation between two people mimicking the dialog that will happen in the future Game Achievements Forum
People are social creatures, so a place for them to interact more is necessary and required. So we will build that for you.
White arrow pointed in the up direction