Follow a STEP BY STEP GUIDE on how to link and unlink your GAMING PLATFORMS to your GAME ACHIEVEMENTS ACCOUNT.


Under your User Profile go to User Settings > Linked Platforms Accounts and copy your personal GA code.

Screenshot explaining where to copy the personal account verification code.


Go to your personal profile on Playstation, Steam or XBox and paste your personal code into your profile Bio. This will serve as double-check from Game Achievements to ensure no one else is able to link your platform profiles other than yourself.

You don't need to change the content of your profile description as long as your personal account verification code is at the top of your profile bio/description.

Example of a Steam profile with updated personal code.

For example, if your personal code was GA123456 you would copy and paste it onto your Steam profile description and then you'd be able to go back to your User Profile on Game Achievements and link your Steam Account.

Disclaimer: After pasting your personal code refresh your page and wait a few seconds before linking your account on your Game Achievements profile.


To update your playstation Profile, first login to your Playstation Network via Sony.

Playstation Sony Login

Then go to the Profile Tab on your Playstation Account and click the Edit button on the About section of your profile, as shown below.

Showcasing where is the About section under the Playstation Network Profile.

Click the edit button and this will prompt the About window to pop-up, paste your personal code and save.

Editing the About Modal on the Playstation Network Profile.

And you're all set! Return to your Game Achievements profile and you can link your Playstation Account by entering your Playstation ID.

If you don't know what is your Playstation ID you can try following this Reddit Tutorial.


To update your Steam Profile, first login into Steam Community.

Steam Community Login Window

Go to your Profile and click the "Edit Profile" button as showcased below:

Example of a Steam profile with updated personal code.

On the Summary section you can edit your Profile Summary. Paste your personal Game Achievements Code on the top of this section and Save.

Steam Profile Edit window

And you're all set! Return to your Game Achievements profile and you can link your Steam Account by entering your Steam ID.

To find you Steam ID you can:

-Search for your profile name on this link. See the profile from the results that matches yours and you can see your ID.

-Or if you are logged in, go to the user menu on Steam, click "View user profile" and your ID is the number combination that appears on the URL.

Steam Profile Link Example


To update your Xbox Profile, first login into your Xbox account via Microsoft.

Xbox Microsoft Login Window

Go to your Profile and click the "Customize" button to edit the Profile Bio as showcased below:

Xbox Profile Window

This will prompt the Customize Profile window. Paste the GA code at the top of your bio and click Save.

Editing Xbox Profile with GA Code

And you're all set! Return to your Game Achievements profile and you can link your XBox Account by entering your Xbox ID.

To find you Steam ID you can:

-Follow this Xbox Guide on how to find your Console ID.


After you've updated your Profile Bios of the platforms you want to link to your Game Achievements account, you just need to enter your ID on User Profile, under User Settings > Platforms Accounts.

Linking accounts in Game Achievements

Enter your Platform ID and click Link Account. You'll receive a success message if the ID is correct.

Your platform Data, games and Achievements should be loaded into your profile and Game Achievements account. This might take a few minutes to update.

If you want to unlink any of the linked platforms, just go back to the same section and click the unlink button as seen below.

Unliking one Platform

However, be aware that this will remove all of the platform info from your Game Achievements profile.

If you have any questions or are unable to link your accounts correctly or find any of the ID's send us an e-mail at